What can cause delays to the estimated completion date?
Manufacturers parts may not be available straight away and may need to be specially ordered.

Your insurance company may wish to send an Engineer to carry out a physical inspection.

There may be a delay in receiving authority to proceed with the repair

Additional parts or repairs may be identified during the repair process and require further authorisation.

Do you guarantee work undertaken to my vehicle?
Most insurance companies specify that there is a minimum of 3 years warranty on labour and parts as per manufacturers terms and conditions. KC Autos however offer a Lifetime Guarantee.

Will you drive my car?
We will only drive your car around our site or on the road for a road test if the repair process requires this. We will not drive your vehicle for any other reason without your prior consent.

What will I have to pay before my vehicle is returned to me?
Any insurance Excess applicable under the terms of your policy. An Excess is the amount you have agreed to pay towards the cost of any claim you make.

Download our Accident Repair Information Leaflet for further info.

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